PDF is a widely used and most popular document file format today, in this article, I will introduce to you the popular free Foxit Reader software to read and edit PDF files.

This article has a few small instructions that give you some tips when working with PDF files. This is also one of the necessary software and should be installed immediately after installing windows.

1. Write languages in PDF files

It's very simple, to write the languages in the PDF file, click Home -> click Typewriter to start writing the information you want into the PDF file.


Write japanese in PDF file

2. Feel free to create signatures on PDF files

With FoxitReader software you can easily create yourself a professional signature on PDF files, to create a signature, follow these steps:

At the menu bar, select Home -> select PDF Sign -> select the Plus sign


Create highlight for PDF file

Here are the optional styles for your signature which are:

- Draw Signature: Create a signature by drawing.

- Import file: Insert an existing file.

- Paste From Clipboard: Create a signature from an existing frame.

- Import Image: Select an image to insert into the signature of your PDF document.

- Type signature: You type the signature you want to create.

- Online signature: You need a registered account to create a signature.


Create highlight for PDF file

Here I will choose the type of Draw Signature -> A new window will appear for you to draw a signature. After you have drawn and applied it all, click Save to save it.


Create highlight for PDF file

3. Create notes in PDF files

Click on HOME -> click Highlight. Then click on the place where you want to write the note.

When you need to edit, click on Note and double click on the note icon and it will reappear a note board for you to edit. To view a note, just click on its icon position and you can see it.

How to delete notes in PDF file?

To delete a note, you just need to click HOME -> click Highlight -> right click to select the Note icon you want to delete -> then right-click and select Delete to delete the Note.


Delete notes in PDF file

Thanks for reading this post.