We will share some simple ways to convert JPG image file to PDF format.

Method 1: Using Microsoft Word to convert the image file into PDF


Open image file

Step 1: Open the Word file and insert the JPG image into it by clicking the Insert menu, choosing Picture. Or you can also drag and drop images into Word files.

Step 2: Click the File menu and choose Save As, choose PDF in the Save as section and then click Save to save the new file.


Choose Save as to pdf file

The same way if your computer has Photoshop software installed, just open the image in Photoshop and save type as, save the name .pdf is done.


Using Photoshop to convert image file to pdf

Method 2: Using Photos on Windows to convert photos to PDF


Using Photos on Windows

Step 1: Open Photos app on Windows 10.

Step 2: Click the Select button located in the upper right corner of the Photos window. Select the JPG image you want to convert to PDF by clicking each image.

Step 4: Click the printer icon located in the upper right of the display window.

Step 5: In the next window that appears, in the Printer section, click Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Click Print at the end and choose a location to save the new PDF file.

Method 3: Use some online conversion websites


Use online conversion websites

Currently, there are many website services that can help you convert JPG image files to PDF very quickly. All you need to do is drag and drop your image onto the website, the website will automatically convert and return the result as a pdf file for you.

Here are some of the websites you can use to convert images to pdf files:

- https://www.foxitsoftware.com/jpg-to-pdf

- https://www.convert-jpg-to-pdf.net

- https://www.freepdfconvert.com/en/jpg-to-pdf

- https://jpg2pdf.com/en

- https://pdfcandy.com/jpg-to-pdf.html