Foxit Reader Portable 9.7.0

Foxit Reader Portable is a tool to open, view and print all kinds of PDF files. This is a compact version of Foxit Reader with full features to handle PDF files including PDF editing, annotation, image insertion and PDF conversion.

Foxit Reader Portable gives users extremely useful PDF processing features. This is Foxit Reader without installation, so it is quite compact, but still helps you master your PDF documents.

In addition, Foxit Reader Portable also has an effective security platform to prevent malicious viruses, and provides a digital signature verification method for the exchange of electronic documents without causing harm. harm to the user.


The main feature of the PDF Foxit Reader Portable software

- Compact: Foxit Reader Portable's file size is only 26.9 MB, quite modest compared to Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

- Agility: When you run Foxit Reader Portable, it will start up immediately without any delay.

Rich PDF editing operations: Add, edit, delete, change fonts, background colors easily with Foxit Reader Portable.

Create new PDF file and import content from scratch or insert from existing documents.

Support images, videos

- Annotation tools: You can draw, highlight, write text, make notes on a PDF document, and then print out or save the annotated document.

- High security and privacy: Foxit Reader respects the safety and privacy of users, never connects to the Internet without permission.

Basically, Foxit Reader 8 Portable can almost fully meet your requirements when working with PDF files. Completely free, many features rich and an intuitive, beautiful working interface. What are you waiting for in a free PDF reader software like that?


Free Download at here!

Download Foxit Reader Portable

Version: 9.7.0. Size: 52MB (rar file)