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Foxit Reader is the only PDF file viewer capable of opening and interacting with all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia.

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Updated feature of the Foxit Reader software

Foxit Reader software supports viewing, reading PDF files on computers, fast processing speed is the advantage of Foxit Reader compared with other software with the same functionality, with Foxit Reader, you can open multiple PDF files with many tab at the same time, suitable for editing, refer to many different documents.

Foxit Reader software now supports many different platforms on the PC. Mac or Mobile, especially on iPhone, Android called Foxit MobilePDF, allows reading documents in multiple languages, this software creates a convenient PDF processing environment, moreover, is integrated with the service. Cloud storage so many people can work together.

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Foxit Reader is a PDF file processing software that fully satisfies user needs in viewing, editing, and securing documents. Among many current PDF viewing software, Foxit Reader is considered to be the most beautiful and easy-to-use interface, and the latest version of Foxit Reader also connects to many online databases to help you work in groups. easier.

If you often have to work and handle PDF documents, Foxit Reader will be a great help for you to make all PDF work easier and more convenient, this software possesses great features. Great for you to view the content of the document, make rich editing activities.

Foxit Reader gives you full functionality to handle problems with PDF documents, such as viewing, converting, digitally signing, saving and sharing documents online. Foxit Reader provides an intuitive interface for easy access to content in documents, rich PDF editing tools, and convenient scanning and printing operations.

Foxit Reader software helps users to open and read PDF files on a computer professionally and effectively, especially, Foxit Reader is free software, easy to install, can open PDF files in up to hundreds of pages.

To open PDF files on a computer, users often choose Foxit Reader to do so. Foxit Reader software supports reading PDF documents on computers effectively, in addition, Foxit Reader also added many other basic pdf editing features such as resizing, adding notes ... Especially Foxit Reader is completely free to use.

Foxit Reader software has great features, not just a PDF viewer, but also allows users to read file comments, preview layers and attachments, even verify or confirm signature. In particular, with PDF documents, this software also has a view mode that focuses on the text and ignores images or other objects, using shortcuts to control and manipulate more easily.

The latest version of Foxit Reader 9.4.1 allows users to filter comments by author's name and status, track the total comments in the summary table.

Foxit Reader main feature

- View PDF file

- Create new PDF file

- Share PDF files

- Create password protected PDF

- Insert Watermark

Foxit Reader is a PDF file opening software used by many people today because many essential features meet PDF needs, edit PDFs, create notes, create signatures, set password protection and even Print PDF files easily. Compared to many other PDF file readers with the same features, Foxit Reader is considered to have a user-friendly interface with different view modes adapted to each type of document.

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